Tullawong State School
Student Resource Scheme (SRS)
To help students be ready to start the year SRS notes have now been sent home. If you still do not have one, please pop in and grab one from the office. It is really important that all forms are returned with either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ ticked and signed by parents. We will be following up the return of these forms. If you return the form signed ‘Yes’ for the scheme then your child will have everything ready for their first day regardless of payment.
You can then either choose to pay in full this year (which would show as a credit balance on your account and we would match the invoice next year), pay in 3 instalments or pop it on your centrepay account. If you have a centrepay account, you need to make sure you are contributing enough from your centrepay to cover your account within a reasonable time frame. The school will be regularly phoning parents to update them on the status of their accounts. At the start of next year ALL parents will be invoiced for the SRS. Those that choose not to join and sign ‘No’ to joining the scheme, will be required to pay the miscellaneous fee (between $35-$50 year level dependant) or alternatively you can supply all the necessary items for this miscellaneous fee. (This would have to be worked out with the teacher as to exactly what science/art supplies are needed). If you are not in the scheme, you will need to provide items each and every time your child ‘runs out’.
For 2020 Preps, you will be invoiced after the 28th January as we have to wait until you become active on the school system.
The most important thing to do right now is sign the SRS form ticking “Yes” or ‘No’ regardless of payment.
The booklist provided is extremely refined and there should be no surplus at the end of the year. In the rare case that there are additional items left over, the teacher would send these home with the students they belong too.

For further information please refer to the FAQ'S student resource scheme (195kb). For specific information on your

child's year level requirements refer to Prep SRS (29kb) , Year 1 SRS (30kb)Year 2 SRS (29kb)Year 3 SRS

(126kb), Year 4 SRS (127kb)Year 5 SRS (127kb)Year 6 SRS (127kb)